I met Rachel in October 2015 when I registered for her beginning Meditation Class. I had no idea what to expect and must say that what I received has been a huge blessing to my life! Rachel is a compassionate and understanding teacher and explains things to the utmost to help students comprehend fully each item that is covered in her classes. She makes you feel so at ease when you ask questions or discuss topics. The techniques I have learned in our classes have enhanced my life and helped me to strive to be a “better” person and handle everything with more ease and grace. I have continued to take each new class with her that is offered.Kimberly Tremmel

Rachel was such a joy to work with as a meditation coach – guiding me not only through the practicalities of meditation but discussing any thoughts that came out of it too. Highly recommended for newbie meditators or those needing a bit of a thought clearout.Pippa Evans (Pippa’s website)